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Question: Can a medical marijuana patient use marijuana as a medicine without getting “high”?

Answer: Yes. A marijuana “high” is a term used to demonize an amazing healing plant to prohibit its use. Until the 20th century, the word “high” has never been associated with cannabis (marijuana). History going back 10,000 years that we know of refers to cannabis as a nutritional food with a euphoric, calming, and healing effect.

Science says the live cannabis plant is non-psychoactive and incapable of making you “high”. Experience has taught me you can take a fresh flower off the plant and put it into your mouth and chew it, break it up into your salad, put it into your juicer to make a smoothie, and cold press juice through a wheat grass juicer and never get “high”.

Each of these live plant forms will give you a HUGH health benefit capable of treating the root cause to reverse disease. One ounce of fresh juice will give you 600 mg of the plants healing components (489 known) compared to taking the same plant drying it and smoking it, you only get 10 mg. Hmm, 600 mg. or 10 mg. it is common sense to see we heal best with juicing and eating the live plant to treat symptoms and heal dis-ease.

The live plant contains THCA a non-psychoactive form of THC. The plant needs to be heated to 290 degrees or above to temporarily change THCA into the psychoactive THC. People who smoke or vape cannabis only stay mentally medicated for 1-3 hours before the activated THC converts back to THCA.

Any baked good like brownies, cookies, and candies, will always make you feel mentally medicated because these items bake/cook at 350 degrees or above, activating the THC.

Cannabis Chocolates, ice cream, capsules, fruit drinks, etc. never get heated above 290 degrees so they will not make you “high” or mentally medicated.

Dispensaries also offer CBD products that are not capable of making you “high”. CBD just like THC is only two of 140 known components in every cannabis plant called Cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid has unique healing properties.

Most patients will tell you they do not feel “high” they feel one or more of the following: energized, clear thinking, ability to stay on task, calm, relaxed, sleepy, hungry or lack of appetite, sociable, mental and physical balance.

Please keep in mind science states cannabis most closely resembles a nutritional supplement and should have never been deemed or scheduled as a drug. A good Sativa (daytime marijuana) is more like a strong cup of coffee and a good Indica (nighttime marijuana) is like a glass of wine.

Also, remember science says cannabis in its raw plant form is a whole food just like a blueberry, mango, and banana. Each plant contains 489 components that all vertebra: Mammals, birds, fish, and reptile require for homeostasis- mental and physical balance. If the cannabis plant disappeared from the earth some scientists speculate it is likely all vertebra will disappear as we are so closely genetically linked to this singular plant.

When we use cannabis as a medicine we use only a small amount to obtain the therapeutic value or the lowest effective dose. Using too much per dose can make you overly medicated and that is no fun. However, cannabis is incapable of shutting down your heart or your brain and is a much safer alternative to treat symptoms and disease.

This article is intended to educate not give medical advice. Seek an alternative medicine doctor who can assist you and educate yourself with science, not corrupt data. If you would like to submit a question, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 928-772-2011.


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