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Children and Marijuana in AZ

Children and Marijuana in AZ


I wear green for my son!

Question: Can children in Arizona us marijuana as a medicine?

Answer: Yes. Sensitive topics need to be discussed - like this topic.

Sadly it is such an expense to parents - few do. When a parent does obtain a medical marijuana patient card for a minor at a cost of 600-700 dollars, parents most often report significant positive health and behavioral benefits.

One parent or guardian must agree to be the child’s caregiver, submit two fingerprint cards and pass a 10 year background check with no felonies, a photo, AZ ID, and a completed caregiver application along with 200 dollars to AZDHS.

The child under 18 needs two physician certifications completed by separate doctors, a completed patient application, photo, and $150 (or $75 if on food stamps) application fee. The state health department will issue a patient card to the child and a caregiver card to the parent or guardian linking them both through the medical marijuana program.

Most Arizona physicians are reluctant to complete the required physician certification forms requiring the parents pay for two separate doctor appointments with a doctor who will complete the required form.

Fingerprint cards can cost 5-100 dollars depending on where the parents obtain the cards.

Some of the reasons parents choose medical marijuana for their child is: It is a natural option to toxic drugs, fewer doses are needed, a decrease in negative side effects, symptoms, behaviors, and improved overall health.

Parents are treating their child for autism, behavior disorders of ADD, ADHD, bipolar, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, tumors, cancer, seizures, loss of appetite, eye disorders, skin growths and severe burns, and diabetes, to name a few. Different parts of the cannabis plant treat different conditions.

Kathy Inman the Director of MOM Force AZ a nonprofit states in her booklet, “Understanding Cannabis” that one in five children in America are prescribed some sort of daily medication. We lose ten kids in our state every month to pharmaceutical overdose.

In a perfect world there would be no disease. In this day and time illnesses that use to affect only older adults are now affecting our children.

As the mother of a son with a traumatic brain injury since age 16, marijuana has been a curse and a blessing. A curse when it was illegal and my son was in court annually for a small amount of personal use, and a blessing the past five years when it has been legal for him to use as a medicine. Marijuana improves his quality of day and life. Without a little medical marijuana in his day makes life unbearable for all of us. Thank you voters for the opportunity to use marijuana as a medicine.

There are parents of children who use medical cannabis forming support groups across America. Regina Nelson, PhD. is the Director of, “Children of Cannabis Network”, Parents 4 Pot, and Texas Mamma, are just a tip of the iceberg. Use those names with .org and research progress in children using cannabis.

Use your search engine for research with key words like: medical cannabis and autism, or seizures, or any illness you want more information on. You will also find supporting Science on these topics and testimonies by many parents. What is lacking is medical double blind studies. Like aspirin the FDA could grandfather marijuana into the system without studies.

This article is not intended to give or replace medical advice from a licensed physician. If you would like help obtaining a minor medical marijuana card or talk with a doctor regarding your children please contact us at MJ Consulting LLC.

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