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Mothers and Cannabis

Mothers and Cannabis

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you to all the women who gave birth to their babies. Mothers who took time to raise their children have my true admiration. What an honor it is to be a mother, nothing in this world compares to giving life to another human being and the opportunity to be a parent. I am still trying to figure out why the daddy doesn’t lactate and nurse his child since the mother carries the child nine months!
Question: Is a mother being responsible when she uses cannabis (marijuana) as a medicine?
Answer: As the mother of five, grandmother to eight, and great grandmother to four, I say yes and so
               does science. Our Governor would say no based on the bill he recently signed allowing Child
               Protective Services to remove children from mothers uniformly across the state for any
               marijuana use- regardless of the mother possessing a medical marijuana patient card. I can
               think of nothing more tragic to have a newborn removed at birth destroying the bonding time in
               the critical first few months of the infants life, because of a GOD given plant.
               Women have unique health needs and issues that a man just cannot understand. According to
               Science: Medical cannabis can manage all of the needs for balancing hormones, nausea,
               pain, depression, anxiety, headaches, mood, sleep, inflammation, spasms, heart burn, digestion,
               bowel regulation, appetite, circulation, heart rhythm, cramps, water retention, muscle relaxant,
               healthy weight, stimulates the immune system, protects from cancer, tumors, opens airways,
               protects the lungs, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, fights infection, stimulates bone growth,
               encourages cell growth, reduces risk of nerve damage, decreases pressure in the blood vessel
               walls, and detoxify our body to help produce healthy milk for nursing her newborn. Cannabis in
               its raw form has the complete chain of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, fiber, and
              more than 400 known healthy components, many are listed on a bottle of prenatal vitamins.
              Show me just one pharmaceutical or over the counter medication that can do all that!

              When I was growing up my mother had eight children under eight years old! Her doctor
              prescribed her a three pill cocktail called, “Mothers little helper” a small red pill, blue pill, and
              little white pill. In fact all mothers in our community were the test project for the “Mothers little
              helper” cocktail. There was an increased rate in miscarriages, birth defects, suicide, and ovarian
              and breast cancer. We watched mom need a hysterectomy by age 40, and was unable to walk
              for a full year when her legs became so week she could not stand, for no apparent reason. Mom
              was the only dance teacher in our community and utilized our basement for a hundred children
              who she taught dance to. I was her little protégé in my first tap shoes by age two. I was twelve
              years old the year mom lost use of her legs and I was promoted quickly to teacher. Being LDS
              (Morman) she did not drink or take any street drugs, just her doctor prescribed “Mothers little
               helper” medication.

              I have lost 11 family members to legal drugs and alcohol over dose and interactions, eight were
              women. I believe in the power of herbs and God given medicines in their natural form. NO one
              has ever died using just cannabis because it is incapable of shutting down the brain or heart. I
              gave birth to four of my children. The first child I took only what my doctor prescribed: Prenatal
              vitamins and medication for nausea. My first born was delivered six weeks early at 5 lbs. 6 oz.
              with tummy problems that kept her crying and not sleeping for a year. Our doctor wanted to put
              us both on medication and I refused, this is when I started using cannabis as a medicine. My next
              three pregnancies I used only cannabis. There was no excessive weight gain (as with my first), 
              toxemia, anemia,  diabetes, headaches, back pains, swelling, and had short labor, full term
              babies weighing over 7 lbs., easier deliveries and recovery. My children were born healthy
              without seizure disorders, infant cancer, diabetes, obesity, autism, or learning disorders. I
              nursed all of my children without fear of the more than 2600 toxins found in mothers milk today.
              Why?  According to a US Government patent cannabis is an antioxidant and does detoxify the

             The father of my children was removed by court order from our family for excessive PTSD from
              his six years in Viet Nam. I raised our children without interaction or child support from him and
              all of my children- much to my surprise lived to see their 18th birthday! My children thrived in
              school receiving awards for perfect attendance, Honor roll, and lettering at state competitions in
              school sports. My oldest son held the highest position obtainable at the high school level at
              Westwood High as lieutenant Col. of Air Force JROTC with a full scholarship to the Air Force
              During those twenty years none of my children were hospitalized, no broken bones, and no
              diseases other than the normal childhood mumps, measles, chickenpox, and strep throat.
              Neither my children nor I ever took daily medications, just me and my cannabis.

              Is a mother who uses cannabis as her medication being responsible? Absolutely! Science says we
              humans have an endocannabinoid system with receptors CB1 and CB2 ready and waiting for the
              components in cannabis. When our receptors are full we have homeostasis-mental and physical
              balance. Anyone who says otherwise needs to read the science not DEA articles and one sided

              This article is not intended as medical advice and is for informational purposes. If you would like
              more information and/or to meet with a medical marijuana doctor contact MJ Consulting LLC.

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