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Why Do People Use Marijuana?

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 I wear green for my son!

This question & answer column is intended to provide information about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, not legal or medical advice. We are not affiliated with the AZDHS who administers the program.


June is the month to honor all Fathers-Thank you for giving life to your children and thank you to the men who took time to be a daddy.

My Father transitioned from this earth five years ago at age 72 from cancer of the prostate. He was in the Navy four years, gave life to 11 children, buried one at 3 months from birth defects, another at age 6 from Lymphoma cancer. He had melanoma skin cancer at age 32 causing him to become a vegetarian the remainder of his life. He was also a devote LDS member who did not drink or smoke.

One in 3 men will have prostate cancer, although there are two very important things each man can do to decrease their odds. Eat breakfast and take vitamin D 5000 i.u. daily. There are numerous articles and research to support this decreases your odds by more than 75%. 



Why do people use marijuana?


To be healthy, feel well, and create “homeostasis” physical and mental balance of all body systems with a natural plant alternative. This is based in science. Type: Endocannabinoid system into your search engine.

At a recent MomForceAZ senior wellness seminar, participants learned how in 1980 scientists who studied the components of the cannabis (marijuana) plant were surprised to find a new system in the human body that reacts to components of this plant. According to an article in Culture Magazine by Alan Shackelford M.D. the new system discovered is in all vertebrates, including mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles have receptors for and produce endocannabinoids that are similar to compounds found in the cannabis plant- Hence the name “Cannabinoids”. The cannabis plant is speculated to have co evolved with us.

Our bodies have many systems, urinary, digestive, pulmonary, etc. and an endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system primarily consists of the CB1 receptors in our brain that control brain function and the central nervous system, and the CB2 receptors in our blood that control our organs and immune system. Our body makes cannabinoids from birth but thru a birth injury, toxic exposure, serious health condition, and aging, our body stops building one or more of the 87 known compounds. The same compounds found in the marijuana or cannabis plant.

This gets even more interesting and again based in science, when our body builds the cannabinoids it is called ENDOcannabinoids and when the plant makes the cannabinoids it is called PHYTOcannabinoids. Our body does not know if it is making the cannabinoids or being supplemented with the phytocannabinoids. All our body knows is the various systems have what they need at the cellular level and we have restored physical and mental health. The science is too compelling to ignore.

Here are a few patient testimonies.

At the May 2015 meeting of Yavapai Cannabis Coalition attendee Bill said, “I use marijuana to keep my HIV from entering my brain where it will become AIDS and it will be all over for me”. Bills story is also science based. The brain stem has the fewest CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body.

My youngest son Jesse has a brain disease and a debilitating brain injury. He has been on injections every three weeks for brain function and on up to 10 medications for side effects the past 18 years. We just celebrated one year with no prescriptions.  Using his medical marijuana 3 times a day, taking fish oil, for brain swelling, and vitamin D for mood, he is doing much better at most things.

Lyles wife typed his story for him. Lyle uses marijuana daily to stay cancer free, increase his appetite, and reduce nausea after chemo and radiation ravaged his body. Six month ago Lyle was diagnosed with fourth stage throat and mouth cancer with a 2 inch tumor in his cheek.  He is a Viet Nam veteran with full veteran disability. A double amputee and two strokes under his belt they both knew this was going to take a miracle. When Lyle obtained his medical marijuana card he did not know concentrate THC can seek out cancer cells and cause cancer cell death nor did he know liquid CBD can heal radiation burns without scarring. He declined surgery, completed radiation for the tumor, chemo for the cancer, and took concentrated THC, 60 grams in 90 days. 

His wife juiced organic greens and fruits several time a day for him and gave Lyle Turkey Tail Mushrooms for immune support. He also took CBD (marijuana) drops in his mouth for his dry and painful tongue. During the chemo and radiation the staff would ask the wife, “What are you doing for Lyle, he looks so good and doesn’t seem to be having the problems we expected?” Afraid they would stop his chemo or radiation she kept her secret about the RSO Lyle was taking. After completing his treatment in 90 days Lyle returned for blood work. He is cancer free:  mouth, throat, and the tumor vanished. Lyle is no longer a diabetic, no longer has Gerd and IBS, and no longer has pre-cancerous polyps in his colon. The polyps have been surgically removed each year the past five years, this year there are none found. Lyle will be taking a rice grain size a day of the marijuana THC oil to stay disease free.

If my father was here I would tell him to add marijuana to his day, he was doing many healthy things but the one he needed was illegal.



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