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Using Medical Marijuana Products

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This question & answer column is intended to provide information about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, not legal or medical advice. We are not affiliated with the AZDHS who administers the program.



The goal with medical marijuana is to use a little then increase your dose until it makes you feel better.

With edibles cake, cookies, candies, etc. and capsules wait two hours before adding more. 

Capsules: (You have daytime and night time capsules so be careful) 

Start with 2 capsules wait 2 hours. If you do not feel the relief you desire add one more capsule and wait another 2 hours. If you still feel you need more relief take the 4th capsule. If you found three works for you then take 3 at one time – next time. Relief from capsules can last for up to 10-12 hours. If you take more the 4 it could make you feel medicated for several days.  

Glycerin Tincture:

Start with ½ teaspoon. Hold it in your mouth 30 seconds so it can absorb thru the soft tissue of the mouth. It will get into your blood steam faster if you use it this way. Effects usually take place in 10-30 minutes and will continue to get stronger for the first hour. If you do not find the relief you need increase the dose by ¼ teaspoon – wait one hour before adding another ¼. Tincture generally will give you relief for 4-6 hours. The tincture can also be rubbed on any rash or sore on the skin.


Butter (daytime use): Use ½ teaspoon wait one hour so you know how it makes you feel. Can be increased to 1 teaspoon per serving if needed. Use on anything you would normally put butter on.

Coconut oil: (night time use)

Coconut oil will become liquid with a little heat then return to solid stage when cold just like butter does. Use this coco nut oil only for acute pain or to sleep, it is sedative. It can be drizzled over a dinner salad, used by the ½ teaspoon right into your mouth, or to cook foods in place of butter for evening meals.

Honey: (daytime use)

this is one dose to try. Use 1 teaspoon on toast, bread, etc.

Nutella: (daytime use)

this is one dose for you to try on bread, English muffin, or bread.


Start with ½ candy to see if you get the relief you want. I use ½ for daytime use so I can work with a clear head and 1 for night time use to sleep well. Suck on the candy so the medicine is absorbed thru the soft tissue of your mouth.

Skin rub: Use this for any place that is painful. It is a mix of herbs. Use a small amount in a small area to make sure you are not allergic to any of the herbs and ingredients. (Wait 1 hour) Once you know your skin is good with the rub you can use it anywhere you have pain. Rub it in well. Can be used for rashes.

Bud Trim:

Chop the bud trim into small pieces by squeezing the bag or in a food chopper or grinder. The smaller the better. 

Decarb your bud trim by setting the oven on bake and 220 degrees. {Place the chopped bud trim in a oven safe glass dish and bake for 40 minutes. This will activate the THC. Let cool. The melted oils will stick to the glass dish so scrape it from the bottom of the dish and use it.

Place the bud trim in a small crock pot along with one 16 fl. Ounce of food quality glycerin. Add one 16 fl. Oz. of distilled water to the crock pot. Leave the lid tilted NOT FLAT so the steam can escape so mixture does not get too hot and burn. Cook on LOW not warm. Start you crock pot in the morning and cook until you go to bed. Unplug the crock pot while sleeping and plug it back in the next morning. Do this for 3 days. Add water as needed to never let you liquid mix get less than 4 inches inside your crock pot. Stir the mix every hour for the first thee – four hours to push the dried bud trim into the liquid. It will tend to float until it absorbs some of the liquid. The bud trim will get heavy and sink to the bottom so stir the mix every few hours to get it mixed into the liquid. If you fail to stir the mix the final product may be weak. The last 4 hours of cooking do not add any water. You want your crock pot to have 3 ½ to 4 inches of liquid when finished. 

Let cool. Place a cotton square over a strainer and poor the liquid into the cotton to strain out the bud trim. Fold the 4 corners of the cotton together so you can squeeze the plant ball to get out all the liquid or as much as you hand strength permits. Put the used bud trim into a glass bowl or a baggie and put into your freezer until next time. Label what strain and the liquid you cooked with and freeze it until next use. After you have cook with the bud trim twice you can add it to any cookie or cake recipe just add an extra egg.


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