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How to Use Cannabis

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This question & answer column is intended to provide information about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, not legal or medical advice. We are not affiliated with the AZDHS who administers the program.



How can a registered patient use medical marijuana if they don't smoke?

Answer:  There are three primary ways to use marijuana; inhalation, ingestion and topically as a skin rub. The goal should be “metered doses” in sufficient amounts at regular intervals to provide the desired outcome or effects, pretty much like any medication. 

Smoking marijuana may have originated in the 15th century, the Columbus era or before, ingesting marijuana can be traced back 10,000 years.  No one knows when it became used as a lotion, salve or balm but they can be traced to 5000 years ago in Japan.


Smoking is just one form of inhalation.  It is the easiest way to monitor doses. Since a lighter heats to 1970 degrees Fahrenheit the material touched by a lighter combusts, wasting many of the cannabinoids or healing properties. Many patients are choosing to vaporize their medicine,

vaporizing is a lot like a nebulizer. A nebulizer is used for inhaled medications, (pharmaceuticals) such as breathing treatments, glutathione and others. Vaporizers come in a variety of types and models. Some have adjustable temperatures to get exact cannabinoids from the plant, other units are the size of a pen, very discrete and using only a small amount of medicine in the dry herb chamber with heating just below combustion. You can also vaporize liquid marijuana medicine such as glycerin tinctures, wax, hash, and shatter concentrates. There is little odor and no smoke from these and is a great medication method.


The best method is eating the fresh flowers if you have the opportunity.  Eating the fresh plant delivers all the plant has to offer, every live enzyme, amino acids, 87 cannabinoids’, terpenoids, even flavonoids and much more.  You share 50% of your DNA with all plant life.

Second best is to juice your fresh leaves in a stainless steel wheat grass juicer. It is believed 1 oz. of cannabis juice offers 600 mg of healing properties of the plant. Take the same plant, dry it and smoke it and it delivers 10 mg. If you are trying to heal an autoimmune disease... let's see. 600 mg. or 10 mg? It’s a no brainer! The dried plant can be juiced in many different juicers, but its best when cold pressed through a wheat grass juicer.

Thirdly for fast release into your blood stream use a tincture taken sub-lingual under the tongue or held in your mouth 10 - 30 seconds before swallowing. The medicine absorbs through the soft tissue in your mouth much quicker than eating it in a food. We can teach you how to make your own CBD tincture using food quality glycerin and your crockpot or alcohol tinctures. Alcohol has been used to extract medicine from herbs for thousands of years.

A fourth method is to infuse healthy oils like fish oil, almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed or olive oil. Through a slow cooking process we 'infuse', transfer the medicine from the flower or plant to the oil, the plant matter is then strained out of the oil. This infused oil can be used in cooking, baking and to make canna capsules specific for energy, pain, sleep, etc. We use the cooked flower or leaves in baked goods, never wasting any of the plant. The oils can also be used as skin rubs, lotions or balms specifically for skin conditions or pain. It is a great way to get the medicine into your body through your skin. Consumption with no psychoactivity. 

Using the right strain or type of marijuana for the conditions you want to treat are key to using marijuana as a medicine. There is no art to getting medicated and no need to get stoned.

Most patients use multiple delivery methods. Each method has its qualities and different effects. Smoking or vaporizing is fast acting, tinctures, edibles, and rubs are the longest lasting. Over medicating can cause undesirable effects lasting for days, it only takes a little. Rotate strains and methods often.  






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