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The Truth About Marijuana

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This question & answer column is intended to provide information about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, not legal or medical advice. We are not affiliated with the AZDHS who administers the program.



Science says cannabis (aka marijuana) in its natural raw plant form is a whole food. How as a society did we get so far from the truth that the life of a person is destroyed in the Justice system if caught with this plant food?


According to the Science Channel, “Science always wins”! The science is available, please educate yourself.

Mesa, Arizona. Science of Cannabis Summit May 17, 2015, taught attendees that marijuana is a whole food. Dr. William Courtney and Dr. Dustin Salek, both have documented a great deal about the use of cannabis as food and medicine from the perspective of the raw plant. Also one can read the article, “Cannabis as a Super Food” by Regina Nelson PhD in Ladybud magazine from 2014. 

Mom Force AZ prints a small booklet Understanding Cannabis, “It’s Not Naughty – It’s Natural” and it explains a lot.

A special thank you to Kathy Inman the Director of MomForceAZ for permitting me to share the following:


The History of Cannabis Prohibition

All of our lives we have been told marijuana is a bad drug, and it has been kept illegal as a matter of public safety. Here is a short tale of facts that transpired, and you decide.


In 1916 the U.S. Department of Agriculture released its findings regarding hemp as a paper making material in USDA Bulletin 404. It would not be long until hemp would be the next “fiber of our lives.”

Those with power and influence in that day were in the paper, oil, and chemical businesses. You might recognize their names: Hearst, Rockefeller, and Dupont. These businessmen had a banker with interest in their success named Andrew Mellon, and he held the position of Secretary of the Treasury. With hemp in line to be the next “Billion Dollar Crop” according to the latest Popular Mechanics magazine, these folks knew they needed to take action to protect their investments.


They knew hemp material could replace almost all of the items that were currently being manufactured from paper, oil, and chemicals. All of the clothing, plastics, nylon, paints, building materials, and more that were then made of toxic substances could be created from all-natural, renewable, recyclable hemp fibers.


Andrew Mellon appointed his nephew, Harry Anslinger, to head the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, now known as the DEA. Without Congressional approval, they drafted and passed the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. Disguising it as “marijuana” a slang term used in Mexico, those in power were able to pass this by those who only knew it as “cannabis.” It taxed cannabis at a rate of about $100 an ounce, thereby making paper, oil, and chemicals more affordable options.


The American Medical Association fought back when it heard the news, but when doctors began to lose their licenses from administering cannabis to patients, the use subsided. The only information the public was given was through the Hearst newspapers and its’ Reefer Madness” campaign.


The American farmer should have been able to work this environmentally sound resource for generations. But with just one source of media in the 30’s, it was easy to paint a bad picture of this substance. So instead, everything has been made of oil, chemicals, and paper, giving us deforestation, air and water pollution, and the very illnesses they will not allow us to treat naturally.


Anslinger remained the head of DEA until the mid-1960s. In 1970 came the Controlled Substance Act, which labeled cannabis a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Note that President Nixon signed this Act against the recommendations of his staff.


In recent years, despite the Federal classification of cannabis as a schedule 1, voters in many states (37) have supported state-level legislation that permits regulated cannabis for medical use. (Some states are on their 17th year with a medical marijuana program).


The History of Cannabis as a Utility

Hemp is the utilitarian cousin of the medicinal cannabis plant and had been used the past 10,000 years for most materials prior to prohibition.


Historical uses of Hemp

  • Animal feed, bedding, cloth, building materials, flour, food, and medicine.
  • Fabric of the first American Flag.
  • The paper used to write the Declaration of Independence.
  • Paper used to print US currency until 1800s.
  • In the 1600s, it was mandatory for Jamestown farmers to grow hemp.
  • George Washington and Thomas Jefferson had hemp farms.
  • During World War II in 1942, the US Government encouraged farmers to grow hemp, due to a shortage of imports, through a film called, “Hemp for Victory.”



History of Cannabis as Medicine


Medicinal cannabis had been used for thousands of years prior to prohibition. Eli Lily, Parke Davis and others sold tincture (liquid marijuana) as a mainstream pain remedy.

  • Queen Elizabeth used cannabis tincture for her menstrual cramps.
  • The American Medical Association fought the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, but doctors who spoke out began to lose their licenses, keeping others from coming forward.
  • The Controlled Substance Act of 1970 solidified the fate of medical cannabis, classifying it a Schedule 1 controlled substance with no acceptable medical value.
  • The US government holds a patent for Cannabis as a Neuroprotectant and Antioxidant and has been supplying a handful of Americans with medical marijuana through the Federal Medical Marijuana Program for decades.
  • The US government owns 17 patents total and know from science that marijuana as a medicine certainly does have healing properties.


Extensive history is available at the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute websites. Search Cannabis.


Reefer Madness, Cheech and Chong, even the 70’s Show has showed us deceptive ideas about cannabis as a medicine. It is about using the smallest effective dose, cannot cause death because your body only absorbs its limit and no more. If you are not treating an injury or disease at the very least it protects you from all diseases.


Truth is in the Science: Our bodies have a system for receiving the medicine in cannabis, called the Endocannabinoid System. It runs throughout our body, complete with cannabinoid receptors. (Cannabinoids are the healing properties of the Cannabis plant).


Chemical compounds in marijuana fit like keys into receptors on cells all over the human body. Not just the human body but all vertebra, mammals, fish, birds, and reptiles. The receptors serve as keyholes to chemicals produced within the human body, and they control processes ranging from pain and thought, to inflammation and the immune system.


It is time to look at science and obtain the TRUTH and stop the propaganda created by the War on Drugs campaign. A Maricopa County Public Defender recently told me to this day the Justice System prosecutes a marijuana offence the same as a heroine and meth offense-regardless of how much or how little you have in your possession. A person’s entire future and life is destroyed when you get a felony conviction, even marijuana.

MomForceAZ says, “With the Federal Schedule 1 grouping of Heroine, Meth, and Marijuana our children and young adults are confused thinking they are the same, without realizing you can die from Heroine and Meth and many do.


I say: Stop the needless suffering and arrests of our loved ones and allow them the opportunity get well and employed using natural resources like hemp and cannabis to stay healthy. If you are using marijuana please obtain your patient ID card to give yourself some protection.



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Caregiver Card

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Ask M.A. at MJ Consulting LLC

I wear green for my son!

This question & answer column is intended to provide information about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, not legal or medical advice. We are not affiliated with the AZDHS who administers the program.



How does the Medical Marijuana Program caregiver card work?


The purpose of the caregiver portion of the program is to allow one individual to legally assist a registered medical marijuana patient with the patients’ use of marijuana specifically. A caregiver can assist up to five registered patients; each requires a separate caregiver card be issued by the Arizona Department of Health Services.


Once a caregiver has been approved and a caregiver card issued by the Arizona Dept. of Health Services the caregiver may purchase, acquire, prepare food or other consumables containing marijuana, have the medicine in their purse, pocket, car, home, and paraphernalia without the patient present. If the patient has been given cultivation authorization by AZDHS the caregiver may also grow up to 12 plants of marijuana for the patient, and possess no more than 2.5 ounces at any one time.


A legal caregiver must have a state issued caregiver card linking the caregiver to one specific patient through the program to be able to charge the patient for the marijuana medicine.


The caregiver is NOT authorized to consume the patients’ medicine unless the caregiver also has his/her own medical marijuana patient card issued by AZDHS.


 The Process

#1 The caregiver must submit two blue and white finger print cards via mail to AZDHS. A 10 year back

      ground check will be conducted for felony offenses before receiving approval.

#2 During the patient application the patient requests a caregiver and lists the designated caregivers

      name and address. If the patient wants to add a caregiver to an existing patient card a change needs

      to be made to the patient card to request a caregiver.

#3 Once the patient application is approved the caregiver must submit an online only application,

     Arizona State issued I.D., a photo that is less than 90 days old, a caregiver attestation, and $200.


A caregiver card is valid for one year from the issue date. Each card looks somewhat like a driver’s license (although it is green) with the caregivers photo, address, date of birth, issue date, expiration date, the caregiver state issued I.D. # and the patient state issued I.D. number.


It is a handy card to have if you have a spouse, or person you provide care for of any kind and medical marijuana is involved in the care. It is your only hope of any legal protection if you have the patients’ marijuana medicine in your possession for any reason and the patient is not with you.


If the registered patient passes away the caregiver can safely dispose of the medicine. If there is not a registered caregiver for the deceased patient, do not try to remove marijuana products from the patients’ home. You will be violating criminal possession laws. Another registered patient can legally remove unused marijuana medicine and paraphernalia.


To read about or to do the process yourself go to www. azdhs.gov/medicalmarijuana click caregiver. There are questions and answers also listed there. You will need a computer, scanner, computer camera and skills to resize your photo, a printer, and computer skills to fill in the blanks in the application and scan and upload all required documents, and a credit, debit, or prepaid Visa or Master Card only.


MJ Consulting LLC provides all the services necessary for patients and caregivers including finger printing, photo, application processing, and medication removal. We have doctors on staff to assist patients with certification.


Free classes: Tuesday 4:00-5:00 How to get a medical marijuana patient card

                        Thursday 4:00-5:00 How to use marijuana as a medicine


Submitted by MJ Consulting LLC

This article is for basic information only. If you have more detailed questions please call 928-772-2011

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Tuesday-Saturday 10-6. We help take the confusion out of the Arizona medical marijuana program.

We are a local family owned & operated community resource center-not a dispensary. There is no marijuana at this facility. We are a fragrance free facility


Constitutional Right to Deny

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 I wear green for my son!

This question & answer column is intended to provide information about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, not legal or medical advice. We are not affiliated with the AZDHS who administers the program.


Constitutional Right to Deny

To All Law Enforcement Personnel:

The US Constitution prohibits the government from interfering with my right to remain silent, to consult with an attorney, and to be free from unreasonable search and seizures by law enforcement. The following is directed to the law enforcement officer currently in my presence and any other law enforcement personnel that may be involved in questioning, searching, arresting or detaining me or my property in connection with the current contact:

  • I hereby invoke and refuse to waive all of the rights and privileges afforded to me by the US Constitution, including the following:
  • I invoke and refuse to waive my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Do not ask me any questions.
  • I invoke and refuse to waive my Sixth Amendment right to an attorney of my choice. Do not ask me any questions without my attorney present. My attorney of choice is Thomas Dean. He can be reached at 602-635-4990.
  • I invoke and refuse to waive all privileges and rights pursuant to the case Miranda v. Arizona. Do not ask me any questions or make any comment to me about this decision.
  • I invoke and refuse to waive my Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. i do not consent to any search or seizure of myself, my home, or of any property in my possession. Do not ask me about my ownership interest in any property. i do not consent to this contact with you. If I am not presently under arrest or under investigatory detention, please allow me to leave.
  • Any statement I make or alleged consent i give in response to your questions is hereby made under protest and under duress and in submission to your claim of lawful authority to force me to provide you with information.





Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Ask M.A. at MJ Consulting LLC

 I wear green for my son!

This question & answer column is intended to provide information about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, not legal or medical advice. We are not affiliated with the AZDHS who administers the program.



I have heard the medical condition “PTSD” has been approved as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana.

When will patient be able to get certified using PTSD and how does marijuana help PTSD?


PTSD was approved by the Arizona Department of Health Services in July 2014 as a qualifying condition for the use of medical marijuana. The 3rd Annual Report to the State Legislators says PTSD will be available for use Jan. 1, 2015. However, AZDHS has not released that information to the public nor have they updated the required form to include PTSD.

PTSD has recently been found to have a strong connection between the endocannabinoid system and how the brain processes traumatic memories. Cannabis (marijuana) is used for different symptoms of PTSD. "Some use it to forget their worries and sleep without thoughts; others to enjoy in their sleep a variety of dreams and delusions; others become drunk and act like clowns" writes a Portuguese doctor and botanist, Cristobal Acosta in the 16th century.. over 500 years ago.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is typically triggered by exposure to an extreme traumatic stress.The response to stress usually involves an intense experience of terror or helplessness.Theclassic symptoms of PTSD include repetitive and intense recollections of the original event, such as flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks or self mutilation. PTSD often leads to emotional distancing, avoidance, and intense arousal or rage. It is estimated 10% of the U.S. population will experience some PTSD symptoms in their lives. A 2012 case study by researchers from Hannover Medical School and Harvard Medical School concluded: "Findings from studies suggest that by altering fear conditioning, memory systems, general central nervous system arousal, mood and sleep, exogenous cannabinoids may have potential for treatment of PTSD.


Start small, wait an hour then use a small amount more if needed. One inch brownie, half a gummy bear, 1 capsule, 1 tsp. of infused olive oil on a salad, 2- 3 tokes on a vaporizer, etc.

Keep a log for 30 days of what you used, how much, how long the effects lasted, effects of different strains or delivery methods used.

Avoid varieties high in pinene, this terpene may not turn off adverse memories. Popular varieties: Cannatonic, Bubba Kush, OG Kush.

Methods of use:

Ingestion :

Oral: Eating marijuana is the oldest method known, going back to China 10,000 years ago. You can eat the fresh plant or juice the leaves, toss fresh buds in your salad or just chew them up and swallow them. Fresh or dried it can be added to most any dish or recipe.

Next best is to infuse healthy oils: (infuse or transfer the medicine from the plant to the oil) Coconut, almond, grapeseed, olive oils and butter can be infused and then used for cooking, baking and canna capsules. Coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and shea butter can be used for skin rubs. Food grade vegetable glycerin can be infused to make tincture CBD drops to use sublingual under the tongue or bacural in the mouth, vaporized and as a pain rub.


Vaporizing and smoking are by far the most common delivery method preferred by PTSD patients.

Indicated chemotypes- high CBD and THC varieties especially with terpenes such as linacool and limonene.


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