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How to Use Cannabis

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Ask M.A. at MJ Consulting LLC

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This question & answer column is intended to provide information about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, not legal or medical advice. We are not affiliated with the AZDHS who administers the program.



How can a registered patient use medical marijuana if they don't smoke?

Answer:  There are three primary ways to use marijuana; inhalation, ingestion and topically as a skin rub. The goal should be “metered doses” in sufficient amounts at regular intervals to provide the desired outcome or effects, pretty much like any medication. 

Smoking marijuana may have originated in the 15th century, the Columbus era or before, ingesting marijuana can be traced back 10,000 years.  No one knows when it became used as a lotion, salve or balm but they can be traced to 5000 years ago in Japan.


Smoking is just one form of inhalation.  It is the easiest way to monitor doses. Since a lighter heats to 1970 degrees Fahrenheit the material touched by a lighter combusts, wasting many of the cannabinoids or healing properties. Many patients are choosing to vaporize their medicine,

vaporizing is a lot like a nebulizer. A nebulizer is used for inhaled medications, (pharmaceuticals) such as breathing treatments, glutathione and others. Vaporizers come in a variety of types and models. Some have adjustable temperatures to get exact cannabinoids from the plant, other units are the size of a pen, very discrete and using only a small amount of medicine in the dry herb chamber with heating just below combustion. You can also vaporize liquid marijuana medicine such as glycerin tinctures, wax, hash, and shatter concentrates. There is little odor and no smoke from these and is a great medication method.


The best method is eating the fresh flowers if you have the opportunity.  Eating the fresh plant delivers all the plant has to offer, every live enzyme, amino acids, 87 cannabinoids’, terpenoids, even flavonoids and much more.  You share 50% of your DNA with all plant life.

Second best is to juice your fresh leaves in a stainless steel wheat grass juicer. It is believed 1 oz. of cannabis juice offers 600 mg of healing properties of the plant. Take the same plant, dry it and smoke it and it delivers 10 mg. If you are trying to heal an autoimmune disease... let's see. 600 mg. or 10 mg? It’s a no brainer! The dried plant can be juiced in many different juicers, but its best when cold pressed through a wheat grass juicer.

Thirdly for fast release into your blood stream use a tincture taken sub-lingual under the tongue or held in your mouth 10 - 30 seconds before swallowing. The medicine absorbs through the soft tissue in your mouth much quicker than eating it in a food. We can teach you how to make your own CBD tincture using food quality glycerin and your crockpot or alcohol tinctures. Alcohol has been used to extract medicine from herbs for thousands of years.

A fourth method is to infuse healthy oils like fish oil, almond oil, coconut oil, grape seed or olive oil. Through a slow cooking process we 'infuse', transfer the medicine from the flower or plant to the oil, the plant matter is then strained out of the oil. This infused oil can be used in cooking, baking and to make canna capsules specific for energy, pain, sleep, etc. We use the cooked flower or leaves in baked goods, never wasting any of the plant. The oils can also be used as skin rubs, lotions or balms specifically for skin conditions or pain. It is a great way to get the medicine into your body through your skin. Consumption with no psychoactivity. 

Using the right strain or type of marijuana for the conditions you want to treat are key to using marijuana as a medicine. There is no art to getting medicated and no need to get stoned.

Most patients use multiple delivery methods. Each method has its qualities and different effects. Smoking or vaporizing is fast acting, tinctures, edibles, and rubs are the longest lasting. Over medicating can cause undesirable effects lasting for days, it only takes a little. Rotate strains and methods often.  





How to Get a MMJ Card

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Ask M.A. at MJ Consulting LLC

I wear green for my son!

This question & answer column is intended to provide information about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, not legal or medical advice. We are not affiliated with the AZDHS who administers the program.



How does a person get a patient medical marijuana card?

A state issued patient registry identification card allows a patient to use marijuana as a medicine. Providing they stay law abiding with the AMMA (Arizona Medical Marijuana Act). You can read the Laws and Rules at www.azdhs.gov/medicalmarijuana. On the left side of the screen are links to a variety of information, click Statues &Rules.


#1 A person must have one of the 14 medical qualifying conditions: Aids, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Crones disease, glaucoma, Hep- C, HIV, PTSD, cachexia or wasting syndrome,  severe and chronic pain, severe nausea, seizure disorder, or severe and persistent muscle spasms.


#2 You need to show proof of Arizona residency with one of the following: State issued driver’s license, ID card, photo page in your passport, or last medical marijuana patient ID card.


#3 Ask the front desk staff at your doctors office for a copy of one medical record dated within the past 365 days showing your qualifying medical condition listed above in #1 and a current list of medications you are taking. This can be an office visit and/or last labs if your condition can be confirmed with lab reports such as cancer, Hep-C, etc.

Medicals records to confirm chronic pain are a little different. Chronic means over time (more than 90 days) so ask for a copy of one record dated within  365  days and one record for the same condition dated older than one year. If your pain is less than 90 days your records need to show your pain is expected to become chronic (more than 90 days).

Your doctor office will ask you to sign a records release form. If there is a question “what will these records be used for?” Reply, to get a second opinion or to consult with a natural medicine doctor.

Your decision to add medical marijuana to your wellness plan is your business protected by HIPPA as an authorized State MEDICAL program. It is always best if your doctor is onboard with your decisions but it is not required.


TIP: Only ask for a few records, they are expensive and time intensive to copy and we do not want to cut a forest down providing records for non-qualifying conditions, please. You may have several qualifying conditions but we only need to prove one. Also some doctor offices may want to charge you if you request all your records. To send records doctor to doctor is no charge, call us if you need help obtaining records or have questions on if what you have will work. If your own doctor will complete the required form in #4 there is no need to request copies of records. If you have no current record within the past year or need help finding previous doctors come in and see us.


#4 Next you will need a completed Physician Certification form (required by law).

All doctors who are MD, DO, NP, or HP and have an Arizona license to practice medicine can complete this required form. It can be found and printed at www.azdhs.gov/medicalmarijuana click forms. The Arizona laws protect doctors who participate with the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program but doctors are not required to participate by completing physician certification forms, therefore most do not. A patient is required to have a doctor participate but doctors are not required to participate, a little awkward. Ask your own doctor if he/she will complete the form for you, perhaps you will be surprised with a yes!


Or you can bring the few records you collected in #3 to a doctor who IS willing to meet with you for the purpose of completing the required form. Our doctors are going to check your vitals, discuss your health history, review your medical records, list of prescriptions, and discuss the benefits and risks of using marijuana as a medicine. The doctor will complete the required physician certification form if she believes in her/his professional opinion you would benefit from marijuana. Most certification centers do not charge if you are not eligible.


#5 Processing your patient application is the final step. The completed Physician Certification form needs to be submitted (uploaded by computer) to the state health dept. along with your current photo, State issued ID, one more required form provided by the Arizona Dept. of Health Services called a patient attestation form, your SNAP card if on food stamps, and your patient application. AZDHS -Arizona Dept. of Health Services requires the entire application process be completed online using a camera, scanner, printer, and computer skills to upload documents-no paper applications are accepted. You can process your application at www.azdhs.gov/medicalmarijuana or we can do the process for you.


#6 During the application process in #5 you will be required to pay AZDHS using a Visa or Master card, credit, debit, or prepaid cards only. The State fee is $150 if you are on food stamps it is decreased to $75.


MJ Consulting LLC has a sliding scale fee. All prices include your doctor visit, we take your required photo, scan your documents to the health dept., and complete the application for you.

$150 if we obtain and print your records, $125 you bring/mail your records to us, $115 for SNAP food stamp patients provide your own medical records or + $10 if we get your records, $110 Veterans provide your own records + $10 we obtain your records. Specials are listed in area dispensaries and newspapers.

The Arizona Department of Health Services is the only entity who can approve your application and mail you a patient ID card. By law they have 15 business days from the day they receive your application. It is completed in half that time right now.


MJ Consulting LLC and our doctors are compliant with all HIPPA, record keeping laws, and procedures defined in the AMMA. This article is for information not medical or legal advice.


MJ Consulting LLC

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We help take the confusion out of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program.

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When a Patient Passes

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Ask M.A. at MJ Consulting LLC

 I wear green for my son!

Question: What does a family do when a medical marijuana patient passes away, leaving their family (non-card holders) with marijuana medicine and paraphernalia?


Answer: Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA) Laws, Rules, and Prop 203 

Do Not address this specific issue with the exception of ARS 36-2801, 19 makes it very clear a person must have a state issued registry identification card to possess marijuana or paraphernalia used for marijuana.”

FYI for program participants and the loved ones that care for them:

Family members are in jeopardy of being charged with possession and transporting illegal drugs, EVEN if they only intend to drop it off at a dispensary or the police department. As of today, we are not aware of any dispensary who will accept or dispose of marijuana or paraphernalia from their customers under any circumstance. It appears from patient testimony that law enforcement has no compassion or tolerance for the mourning family members who find themselves in a situation they had no idea how to prepare for. Thus far, we have not heard of even one incident that had a favorable outcome after police were called.  We believe this intolerance comes from a lack of knowledge regarding the subject, so that is why it is so important that we educate ourselves regarding Arizona’s Rules and Laws pertaining to the legal use and possession of medicinal marijuana. 

What you can do to assure you are caring for your loved one legally:

For those who are caring for a loved one that is being treated with cannabis or with cannabis-based products, Arizona’s Medical Marijuana Program offers a Caregiver Registration Card. You must apply for this card online via the Department of Health Services website, or at MJ Consulting LLC and once approved, your caregiver card (a state issued photo id), will be mailed to your address. This card allows the registered caregiver to assist a registered patient with the use of medical marijuana, including possession of MMJ even when the registered patient is not present. The requirements for obtaining a caregiver’s license includes a background check, fingerprint cards, and an annual $200 fee. A Caregiver resolves the issue for non-cardholding family members. However, if the registered patient passes away, someone must be responsible for disposing of the deceased patient’s remaining marijuana medicine, any plants if the patient had cultivation rights, as well as any paraphernalia that was used during treatment.

The AMMA states a Registered Patient may assist another registered patient if no compensation for the medicine is received. 

MJ Consultation, LLC provides this necessary end of life service. A reputable registered patient with empty boxes will be in route to the deceased patients’ home within 15 minutes of speaking to you on the phone, to protect your family and home. 

A certificate can be pre-purchased ($25.00) and placed with the patients’ end of life documentation as a directive to the family. When the certificate is used there will be a $1.00 per mile charge added for the pickup. 

Caution to non-registered patients: Don’t leave your fingerprints on any of the items to be removed or put on your person, in your purse/pocket, or in your vehicle. Arrange to have it legally removed with compassion. We at MJ Consulting, LLC know how difficult losing a loved one can be so we offer this service to prevent legal issues, but we also hope to lighten the load a little so you can focus on your family. 

Our after hours emergency phone number is listed on our answering machine.


Submitted by: MJ Consulting LLC 


April Meds Stopped!

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Ask M.A. at MJ Consulting LLC

 I wear green for my son!


Question: Why did my doctor stop prescribing medications for me when I tested positive for medical marijuana, when I have a registered patient ID card?


Answer: This is a sensitive issue not only for medical marijuana patients but also doctors. I am not a licensed physician although we do employ licensed physicians. Each doctor is entitled to their own opinion and I suggest you ask your doctor. There are a multitude of options to discuss here this is just the tip of the ice berg. 

In 2011 while interviewing medical doctors for the position of a dispensary Medical Director, I was shown a letter from the American Medical Association. The letter sent to all doctors in medical marijuana states had many things to say. The letter stated something to the effect that there is no medical evidence that using marijuana does not interact with prescription drugs. If physicians are prescribing medications to registered medical marijuana patients expect to be sued! FEAR based.

Director Will Humble of the Arizona Department of Health Services in 2011 posted a Power Point presentation on the health dept. website. The presentation begins with, “Doctors do not need to participate in the Medical Marijuana Program”. Not only did this give doctors an “opt out” option but many have taken this to mean that doctors can choose not to treat you, not discuss marijuana with you, and not document a patient’s use. 

A.R.S. 36-2813 (C) For the purpose of medical care, including organ transplants, a registered qualifying patients’ authorized use of marijuana must be considered the equivalent of the use of any other medication under the direction of a physician and does not constitute the use of an illicit substance or otherwise disqualify a registered qualifying patient from medical care.

The truth is there is a great deal of science and patient testimony (antidotal evidence) that marijuana does the same job as many prescriptions, does a better job treating symptoms and the root cause, with few side effects. The number one reason people get their medical marijuana card is to decrease or eliminate prescription drugs. Many patients with regular use of marijuana as a medicine overcome addictions to opiates, narcotics, alcoholism, Heroin, sleeping pills, mental health meds, and cigarette smoking.

At MJ Consulting LLC our oldest patient is 94 and average age is 63. This group has been the perfect patients. Growing up in the age when there is a pill for everything. They have taken every pill prescribed for them, had every surgery and attend every physical therapy their doctors have recommended. Now they have been on many medications 20, 30, 40, even 50 years. They know they are addicted to their pills and now they have organ failure and pain continues to control their day. Quality of life is nonexistent and evolves around the next dose, next surgery, or visit to doctors. 

I recently assisted a patient with her renewal card. I asked, “How long have you been a medical marijuana patient”? She responded, “This will be my fourth card”. I asked, ’” What does marijuana do for you”? Her husband answered first, “What doesn’t it do for my wife”? The patient said she was run over by a truck when she was a child and she had a stroke in 2010. She continued by saying she is no longer on morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, soma, valium, fentanyl patches, and stopped smoking cigarettes. “I was an addict of all of it and I hated it”! 

Several months ago I assisted a patient whose dream job was to work at the FDA. She setup her high school and college classes so someday she could land the career of her dreams. She did land that job at the FDA, she lasted only two years. She quit her dream career upon realizing the “FDA does not approve the safety of a product only how it can be marketed”.  Here is an example: A pill is approved as a birth control and that company can only market it as a birth control. Later women who use it say, it clears up my acne, regulates my cycles, stops PMS and head aches, the company cannot advertise for those other benefits until they get separate approval to market it under each additional benefit, which means documented double blind studies. She said, “As long as a company discloses the possible side effects they can advertise and sale anything. Eye opening to me is the fact that to this day the FDA has never approved even one medication for life time use. 

There is a time and place for doctors, medication, surgery, rehabilitation, but in my book it is not “Every time or every place”. If I break my leg I want a medical doctor to put me back together. If my heart fails I want a team of medical doctors. Anything else I treat with herbs, juicing, or supplements, eat to live not live to eat, and stay active for the past 15 years.

If you are a patient who has been on a particular prescription for many years and experienced having your prescription severed without warning or at least a coordinated step down process with your doctor because of medical marijuana-you are not alone. We are sad and sorry you had to experience this. Patients called me in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, asking me, “What do I do, I am having seizures, headaches, tremors, nausea, and vomiting from abruptly stopping prescriptions”. I did it in 2001, no fun!

I tell patients we are pioneers in a new industry and need to teach as we go one person at a time if necessary. Patients need to understand marijuana is still illegal under Federal Law although it appears that might change in the near future. Medical professionals are licensed under the State (with the exception of military or VA doctors) and obligated to follow State law. States laws are superseded by Federal Laws, in most cases. The will of the voters appears to carry weight but medical professionals just want to protect their license. Medical professionals have little to no training in the medical use of marijuana, being that it is a Federal schedule 1 drug. Marijuana has not been allowed to be studied or prescribed as a medicine. As mentioned before there is a lot of science just not medical science.

One of the problems is medical science relies on ‘Double blind studies”. Marijuana just like DMSO for example cannot be used to conduct a double blind study. The placebo group always knows they received the placebo and the test group always knows they received the test dose-every time. Labs are trying to isolate separate components in the plant so that one component can be tested and patented. The plant needs all of its components interacting with each other to be effective. Modified from its original form does not produce the same effects, my opinion and others.

Patients would like medical professionals to understand until this last year medical marijuana patients were allowed to grow their own marijuana medicine. After the initial cost of setting up the grow room the monthly cost was about $50 to grow your own. The same allowable amount now costs $2000 in a dispensary to obtain a patients legal limit of marijuana, devastating patients. 

There are going to be days that a patient cannot afford marijuana medicine and the patient may need 1/3 of the prescription they use daily. Also a patient will need a prescription filled when they are traveling out of state. To take marijuana into another state or on an air plane is still illegal.  Patients do need their medical doctor to help them with a step down process with prescriptions so as to do no harm to the patient. Once patients detox off addictive pills they really do not want them anymore but at times may request them to stay law abiding.

At MJ Consulting LLC we maintain a list of industry friendly doctors who will work with their patients. If you are a doctor who would like to be on the list and accepting new patients, please call us. If you are a patient who needs a new doctor please call us for a referral.

If you would like to participate in a class on how to talk to your doctor about medical marijuana or traveling with your marijuana medicine call MJ Consulting LLC.

This article is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is intended as information only.


MJ Consulting LLC

Your “One Stop” Medical Marijuana Community Resource Center and integrated Health Clinic.

We help take the confusion out of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program.


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